New feminist reading group trifft sich ab 11.11. in unseren Räumen!

new feminist reading group

kick-off: Thursday Nov. 11, 7:30 pm @MONAliesA

We would like to start an English speaking feminist reading and discussion group for people from Leipzig. Join us, if you’re interested in exchanging thoughts on feminist books (fiction and non-fiction)!

Inspired by Audre Lorde’s words that “poetry is not a luxury… it is a necessity of our existence,” we would like to come together to speak about literature that moved us, or still moves us, and informs our individual feminist positions and actions. We’re interested in reading and discussing various forms and genres, from prose, poetry, graphic novels, to science fiction, romance, and more. The emphasis will be on texts by women and LGBTIQ* people from different parts of the world. We will arrive at a final selection of books together as a group. 

During the first meeting we will get to know each other, collect feminist works that we’re interested in, and decide on the regularity of our meetings. If you’re interested in joining the group, please write a short message to

This reading group is open to all. At the same time, it is meant to be a safe space, a space to learn, listen, engage, and self-reflect. Thus we ask members to be mindful of their fellow readers and to be aware of their own positionalities. We talk about books to exchange opinions and experiences and to empower each other.

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